Slide Blockchain business frontiers A practical guide for blockchain's technology frontier with business potential This book sets out to explain blockchain for the non-technical expert, to decipher the dense technicalities that dominate the field, and present the opportunities for busy professionals using practical applications and case studies.   Get Your Copy Now Read more about the Author

Contents of the book

Presented in a clear and structured way, and with documented, real-world cases, the book is a practical reference guide that can be used across different industries. It offers both a constructive and critical review of the pain points blockchain is facing today, illustrates the pitfalls as well as the opportunities for business, and describes the steps towards overcoming them. It also aims to provide a unique view of both the intersection and synergy of blockchain with other emerging technologies and the wider digital ecosystem, as we see increasingly that blockchain alone won’t be able to deliver business solutions.

Finally, the book identifies trends and a pathway for the future of blockchain and its impact on society as a whole. The book is written for business audiences across all sectors. It is not a technical guide to blockchain, but enables businesspeople to be better informed and prepared to plan ahead and develop strategies using blockchain.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Blockchain smart contracts and the future promise

3. Industry verticals

4. Visionary use cases

5. Vulnerabilities and considerations

6. A utopian digital future

7. Pathfinders

8. Concluding remarks

What the experts say A few words from blockchain industry experts who reviewed the book

Muneeb Shah Head of Product Commercialisation and Strategy, R3

Structured and phased approach, presenting complex nuances in simple understandable terminology, bridging the gap between technical and functional aspects of blockchain […] Dr.Yannis has vast knowledge on the subject, is a reputed thought leader and brings his hands on experience into perspective […] Very structured and focussed on beginners and blockchain enthusiasts keen on learning

David Hughes Director, Hanga Ltd.

This book aims to be a more practical guide to how to implement blockchain. Providing enough of an understanding of the fundamentals of how blockchain works and providing practical applications to help give the reader inspiration for how it might be used to solve problems in their respective industries […]  it can help drive innovation within industry. It is putting it’s self in a niche that hasn’t been filled to date but is really what blockchain needs now that the hype has died away and practical applications need to be built.

Dr Yannis Kalfoglou

Dr Yannis Kalfoglou is a blockchain expert and practitioner. He started his blockchain journey as an autodidact using his 30 years’ experience in the technology space to quickly master the inner mechanics and appreciate the business opportunities. He has led and built blockchain systems with large Fortune 500 companies in the asset management and professional services space. He also strategized on blockchain applications for consumer electronics companies and architected smart contracts for an oil and gas supermajor.